What’s going on everyone? Hello, welcome! Life is beautiful isn’t it, and make up Monday makes it all the better. I really cannot believe we are already wrapping up May and this year is almost half over.. WOW

Today I’m just going to give you guys a run down of my favourite products.

First and fore most I would have to say that my absolute favourite product that I cannot complete my makeup routine without is my ElF translucent pressed powder. Let me tell you I have tried to stray away from this powder and find something to replace it but it always ends up back in my hand or I regret not using it. It’s a must for me. I would recommend this products for oily skin as it lasts all day. ELF Finish HD Powder

Second, would have to be Nivea face lotion. I have been using this cream for… I don’t even know when I would of started because when I think back it’s always been apart of my routine. I have oily-dry skin and using a little bit of this product gives me the moisture I need but doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy! It’s also great under foundation. Comes in a tub or in a smaller squeeze tube that’s easy to travel with Nivea Soft Cream

Third, let’s talk Maybelline. I LOVE Maybelline. I have a few products that is from this brand that will be talked about through out this post. But I wanted the third one to be on the FIT ME foundation. I use the Matte poreless shade 355, and it’s perfect for my skin. I honestly get so many complements on my skin whenever I use this. It’s build able and full coverage, and MATTE. You know your girl loves matte especially with my oily skin. I also love the fit me concealed in color 30 café!!

Fit Me Matte Poreless

Fit Me Concealer

Fourth, is another Maybelline foundation and it’s the 24 Hour Super Stay. GREAT coverage. this I would say is more full coverage than the FIT ME and a little goes a long way. However the FIT ME is still my favourite hands down. But this is the runner up.Super Stay Foundation

Fifth, Maybelline’s Stiletto Lash, Ive been using this since 8th grade. And still love it just as much as I did back then. For someone like me who has very short eyelashes this really helps enhance them and gives them the length I want. Stiletto Lash Mascera

Sixth, Maybelline Lash Sensational. Okay so the first few times I used this product I hated the brush, but now that I’m use to it I can’t stop buying this product. Mixing this with the Stiletto lash gives me the volume and extra extra length I want. I’ve even been asked if I have lash extensions with this mascera on. I would give it a shot 100%

Lash Sensational Mascera

Seventh, my favourite lipstick is the L’Oréal colour Richie in 590 berry blushing. For my darker complexion It gives my lips a beautiful colour that’s nice everyday look and doesn’t dry out your lips. I’ve been wearing the for YEAAARSSS!!!

Colour Richie Lipstick

Eighth, Maybelline brow pencil/brush- I use the shade deep brown and at first I didn’t really use the brush  side to comb out my brows but now with a little practice I love it!!

Brow Precise

Nine, OMG I was sooo shocked when I tried the Maybelline Chrome Master Highlight. I saw it was Jeffree Star approved on his channel so I went out and bought it. But I WAS NOT READY FOR THE GLOW!!! Wow, seriously so beautiful. I use the Colour. Love love love this Chrome Master Highlight

Ten, this May seen lame but last but not least is my Cherry Chapstick. I don’t go anywhere without it and I love how it makes my lips feel. I really rely on it to keep them hydrated and the cherry flavour is a nice touch. It truly is a every day necessity and I had to add it. Ps, does anyone remember the “Where’s the Chapstick” Video????


I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what are your favourites are, that are apart of your routine or the products you can’t stop using.

Thank you for reading!

As always questions, comments, concerns, get at me 🙂


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