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This dessert is one of the first ones I’ve made for people other than my boyfriend. I brought this too a staff potluck. I’m a procrastinator and left my dessert planning and prep till the night before like always.. so this recipe was found on the good ole Pinterest, that’s once again has pulled through. If you don’t already follow me on there check it out My Pinterest Account

So easy and so good. Cake mix, Oreos, pudding and yesss whip cream. Here’s a link to the actual site of the creator of this recipe. Oreo Poke Cake -Cookie Rookie  But I would highly recommend!! Comment that I sent you.

I unfortunately didn’t get instant pudding mix but bought pudding cups because I thought it would work the same… but let me tell you the whole point of the poke cake is too get the pudding to deep into the cake itself.. soo it turned into a pudding layer. Some of it ended up in the poke holes but majority didn’t lol. Oh well sill tasted delicious, I would give this recipe a 7/10 it was easy to make and a crowd pleaser considering the ingredients are basic and tasty.

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