What happened when I started drinking 8 cups of Water a Day

Helllllloo everyone, and welcome to Wellness Wednesday!! Let me know what you all think of these theme days.. if it’s lame or interesting lol

So today I wanted to talk about the benefits of drinking water. One of my New Years resolutions was too drink 8 cups a day!! Before this year I barely had ANY water during the day, but like many of us would, I had about 2-3 cups of coffee a day- which to my surprise was just dehydrating me. my ignorance aside I had no idea that water was so important. Besides the fact we’re 70% water… it would MAKE SENSE that I need to drink water.. but why! It’s so boring to drink, flavour less, I just straight up didn’t like it.

But why did I always have head aches, dry lips, Stomach aches, bloating, exceptionally dry skin that would breakout constantly. I should add I also started taking apple cider vinager around this time because I heard it was good for weight loss ,clearing up skin, PH balance and all that other good stuff. – so to take apple cider vinager you have to make sure you’re drinking a lot of water for it to work so I decided that would be in my New Years resolutions of 2018. I would drink the recommend amount of water and just seee what happens.

This small conscious decision really made a drastic difference it only took a few days for me to notice differences. Nothing major at first but slowly but surly I was feeling less bloated, my skin cleared up, and I just felt better all together. My dry chapped lips became smooth. My stomach aches started to become less frequent. And my headaches went away. At first I thought oh this must just be the apple cigar vinegar, so I decided I wanted too stop taking the apple cidar vinegar, and just try the water too see what it really was. Here’s a link to the Apple Cidar Vinegar I use. I was told it’s always best to use the one with the “mother” – I usually pick it up at the local grocery store, but I found a link Apple Cider Vinegar . Also I put about 1/4 of a shot glass of apple cider vinegar, and the rest water and just shoot it back!! I must warn you this stuff is potent. Lol

Now I’m at the point that if I don’t have 8 glasses a day I really feel it. My body is now a custom to feeling better, which is fantastic! I always carry a water bottle around with me which makes it easier for me to remember Jess drink your water. If it’s always in hand I’m way more likely to drink it. For awhile I had a 1 litre bottle that I would draw on with a sharpie and write what time of day I wanted to be done that portion of the water by – found this idea on Pinterest. It’s amazing how something so small can make a difference in how I feel.

I hope you enjoyed this Wellness Wednesday post. Remember be kind to yourself 🙂 thank you for reading! Also check out my Pinterest health and wellness board My Pinterest Account

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Breakfast Egg Bake

Happy Tasty Tuesday everyone!!!

So today I have a recipe that I saw a picture of, and than created it on my own, Which surprisingly turned out good. So I thought I would share it with you all. But proceed with caution I’m new in the kitchen lol

So the things you will need:

  1.  6 Eggs
  2. 2 cups cut up ham
  3. 1 1/2 cup milk
  4. 1 teaspoon salt
  5. 1 teaspoon pepper
  6. 2 1/2 cups shredded cheese – I did half cheddar and half mozzarella
  7. 1/2 cup mushroom
  8. 1/2 cup onions
  9. 6 Slices of bread

OK, so start with preheating the oven at 375 degrees:

  • Pull bread apart into small pieces and layer on the bottom of the  greased 9×13 casserole dish
  • combine cut ham, mushrooms, onions, and cheese in a bowl put on top of the bread layer – could also add sweet red or green bell peppers for extra taste didn’t think of this until right now lol
  • Whisk the eggs in a bowl with salt, pepper and milk
  • Pour egg and milk mixture over top of the ham cheese and bread in the casserole dish
  • bake for 40 minutes

And Ta- da! You have easy breakfast, healthy lunch, and quick snacks all ready to go! If you have any ways to make this better by all means, please comment down below!! This junior kitchen guru needs all the advice I can get!

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed this yummy post!

As always questions,comments, concerns get at me!


Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

Happy Makeup Monday Everyone!! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Yesterday it was really hot here I think we reached plus 30 Celsius which makes me so excited because we are off to a slow start to summer here.

I know this post isn’t a Make up product but It is apart of my skin care routine and helps the application of your makeup go on smoother. Just remember I am not an expert in anyway and if you have sensitive skin, maybe check with your dermatologist before trying this!!

One day I was just scrolling My Pinterest Account and I was looking at skin care products. My skin gets so dry in winter and I wanted to find something that would help this. Now I say my skin is dry but my face is oily, and if I’m not careful I get pretty bad breakouts. I wanted to find a natural way to help myself outtt. This is a combination of a few recipes I found, and I just created my own.

I was Shocked when I read I could find all these ingredients in my fridge and cupboards. All you need is coffee, lemon juice, sugar, and baking soda. 100% organic you could eat it and you can use this mixture on your whole body.

When I read that coffee was in this mix it really surprised me.. that hot beverage I drink every morning is actually a really good detox for my skin, as well as help reduce stretch marks and other scars. The sugar something that I put in my coffee lol is a good exfoliate since the sugar grins help remove the dead skin, baking soda to help firm the skin and help reduce cellulite and lemon juice to help with discolouring. Who would of known. -you can also put coconut oil in, this is something I have yet to try!

I mix this paste together in a bowl with a spoon and than I smear it all over my face and body. Be sure the rub this in to your skin to get the full exfoliating effects and be prepared to be amazed – I would do this process 1-2 times a week or whatever you feel is best for you !!

For full body :

-1/2 cup coffee grounds

-1/2 Cup sugar

– 2 table spoons baking soda

– 2-3 table spoons lemon juice

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you skin is as soft as a babies

Any questions comments concerns, get at me!


Let’s Talk About Going To The Gym- Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone, Happy Wellness Wednesday! Hope life has been treating you good lately as summer is right around the corner.

So today let’s talk about going to the gym. For many people this is just a daily habit that’s part of their life long routine and they don’t really think twice about going and the gym gives them fuel. Or maybe you’re the type that hates going but goes anyway because of the health benefit. Maybe you’re the type that likes to go along with the latest trend or fitness fad and you sign up for everything under the sun. Or maybe you’re like me, body conscious, and wanting to change your body and create new healthy habits. Where ever you fit in, and what your reason may be, we’re all in the same boat. At least we go.

For me personally the hardest part is walking into a full gym of people. It’s not the working out I find hard, it’s the room full of people at different places on their fitness journey. I highly avoid areas of the gym that are busy or where lots of people are.

That being said, here are some tips and tricks to make the going to the gym less agonizing.

Tip 1: ALWAYS bring headphones. I cannot stress this enough. When I have headphones in it makes it totally acceptable to just node at the person you haven’t seen in awhile and continue on, makes everything less awkward and it’s fun to jam out while you sweat it out

Tip 2: Have a plan in mind- this is important espically if you are not super comfortable in the gym. have a plan so you don’t have to wander around aimlessly or just do cardio the whole time because you don’t know what else to do. This will give you a little more confidence so you can walk right up to the machine or weight set and get right too it. Even if you don’t feel like a pro, you’ll look like you belong there and know what’s up! If you need some ideas you can check out my “workouts and fitness motivations” board on Pinterest.Pinterest Fitness Board

Tip 3- Get a gym buddy. Even if your gym/motivation buddy lives across the country like mine does, it’s good to still have someone to keep you accountable. They can text you and check in, you can compare and share workouts. Even if your buddy lives next door to you and you workout together, it’s much more fun and enjoyable. And there’s always strength in number

Tip 4- wear clothes your comfortable in & a hat. This may seem like a no brainer but I use to care so much about looking cute at the gym that I would find myself having to fidget a lot with my outfit and less time working. Soon realizing it really didn’t matter and I would push myself much harder if I could focus on my number of reps and not if my outfit was perfectly in place.

Tip 5- Don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the gym. This is YOUR fitness journey!! congratulate yourself for the small achievements. Be gentle on yourself, many progress is GREAT progress. Even if you aren’t seeing the results you wished for as quickly as you wanted. Maybe now you lift the 12 lbs instead of the 10lbs. You’re doing great. You’re showing up, and you’re improving yourself day by day.

thank you guys so much for reading these tips that have helped me dramatically in developing my fitness routine. Hope they can help you as well.

As always questions comments concerns get at me 🙂


Oreo Poke Cake

Hello everyone, Happy Tasty Tuesday!

This dessert is one of the first ones I’ve made for people other than my boyfriend. I brought this too a staff potluck. I’m a procrastinator and left my dessert planning and prep till the night before like always.. so this recipe was found on the good ole Pinterest, that’s once again has pulled through. If you don’t already follow me on there check it out My Pinterest Account

So easy and so good. Cake mix, Oreos, pudding and yesss whip cream. Here’s a link to the actual site of the creator of this recipe. Oreo Poke Cake -Cookie Rookie  But I would highly recommend!! Comment that I sent you.

I unfortunately didn’t get instant pudding mix but bought pudding cups because I thought it would work the same… but let me tell you the whole point of the poke cake is too get the pudding to deep into the cake itself.. soo it turned into a pudding layer. Some of it ended up in the poke holes but majority didn’t lol. Oh well sill tasted delicious, I would give this recipe a 7/10 it was easy to make and a crowd pleaser considering the ingredients are basic and tasty.

Be sure to check out my “baking” board on Pinterest to see what other creations I’ve been pinning.

Tag me in the photos you create or comment down below your tips!

As always questions, comments, concerns get st me!

Thanks for reading 🙂


May Makeup Favourite

What’s going on everyone? Hello, welcome! Life is beautiful isn’t it, and make up Monday makes it all the better. I really cannot believe we are already wrapping up May and this year is almost half over.. WOW

Today I’m just going to give you guys a run down of my favourite products.

First and fore most I would have to say that my absolute favourite product that I cannot complete my makeup routine without is my ElF translucent pressed powder. Let me tell you I have tried to stray away from this powder and find something to replace it but it always ends up back in my hand or I regret not using it. It’s a must for me. I would recommend this products for oily skin as it lasts all day. ELF Finish HD Powder

Second, would have to be Nivea face lotion. I have been using this cream for… I don’t even know when I would of started because when I think back it’s always been apart of my routine. I have oily-dry skin and using a little bit of this product gives me the moisture I need but doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy! It’s also great under foundation. Comes in a tub or in a smaller squeeze tube that’s easy to travel with Nivea Soft Cream

Third, let’s talk Maybelline. I LOVE Maybelline. I have a few products that is from this brand that will be talked about through out this post. But I wanted the third one to be on the FIT ME foundation. I use the Matte poreless shade 355, and it’s perfect for my skin. I honestly get so many complements on my skin whenever I use this. It’s build able and full coverage, and MATTE. You know your girl loves matte especially with my oily skin. I also love the fit me concealed in color 30 cafĂ©!!

Fit Me Matte Poreless

Fit Me Concealer

Fourth, is another Maybelline foundation and it’s the 24 Hour Super Stay. GREAT coverage. this I would say is more full coverage than the FIT ME and a little goes a long way. However the FIT ME is still my favourite hands down. But this is the runner up.Super Stay Foundation

Fifth, Maybelline’s Stiletto Lash, Ive been using this since 8th grade. And still love it just as much as I did back then. For someone like me who has very short eyelashes this really helps enhance them and gives them the length I want. Stiletto Lash Mascera

Sixth, Maybelline Lash Sensational. Okay so the first few times I used this product I hated the brush, but now that I’m use to it I can’t stop buying this product. Mixing this with the Stiletto lash gives me the volume and extra extra length I want. I’ve even been asked if I have lash extensions with this mascera on. I would give it a shot 100%

Lash Sensational Mascera

Seventh, my favourite lipstick is the L’OrĂ©al colour Richie in 590 berry blushing. For my darker complexion It gives my lips a beautiful colour that’s nice everyday look and doesn’t dry out your lips. I’ve been wearing the for YEAAARSSS!!!

Colour Richie Lipstick

Eighth, Maybelline brow pencil/brush- I use the shade deep brown and at first I didn’t really use the brush  side to comb out my brows but now with a little practice I love it!!

Brow Precise

Nine, OMG I was sooo shocked when I tried the Maybelline Chrome Master Highlight. I saw it was Jeffree Star approved on his channel so I went out and bought it. But I WAS NOT READY FOR THE GLOW!!! Wow, seriously so beautiful. I use the Colour. Love love love this Chrome Master Highlight

Ten, this May seen lame but last but not least is my Cherry Chapstick. I don’t go anywhere without it and I love how it makes my lips feel. I really rely on it to keep them hydrated and the cherry flavour is a nice touch. It truly is a every day necessity and I had to add it. Ps, does anyone remember the “Where’s the Chapstick” Video????


I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what are your favourites are, that are apart of your routine or the products you can’t stop using.

Thank you for reading!

As always questions, comments, concerns, get at me 🙂


Spring Fashion Inspiration

Hey guys! Hope your Monday is going Well. I have not had much luck today in uploading yesterday’s outdoor adventures video post I have created. I’ve been trying to the past 3 days to get that up for you guys but I can’t seem to figure it out.. any suggestions?? I’ve even turned to my “WordPress for Dummies” book and still can’t seem to get it… hmmm…

Anyways, here are some spring fashion inspirations I found on the web for you guys, I seriously love all these ladies great style and I had to share them with you.

This one is one of the favourites. I am obsessed with jean jackets this season and cute cross body bags, paired with a sweater dress. So comfortable yet still looking adorable. The boujie sunglasses help tie it all together

And here we are again with the oversized jean jacket… you will start to notice a pattern here lol I LOVE JEAN JACKETS

this would be a cute dress for on a vacation, or for throwing over for shopping when you’ll be trying a lot of things on, and the circle bag accessory ties it all together! Love love love

Oversized men’s shirt dresses are really growing on me. This one is done tastefully and I love the delicate necklace that she paired. Ouuu yes girl!

Okay I’m sorry for all the jean jackets but LOOK . I also love the distressed jeans with the wedges. Dresses it up a bit

Another thing I’m living for this season is one pieces and rompers. I love how she dressed the outfit up with those colourful necklaces, but the nude shoes does not take away from the delicate design in the romper.

Another jean piece, but it’s cute paired with this oversized sweater tucked in and the ACCESSORIES…. ah so cute

I’m living for this skirt, the colours are absolutely beautiful, she paired it with the textured heels and black top to not take away from the skirt. So stunning

I’m not a huge ruffles girl, but it’s so cute in this cream light weight dress. Paired with a dark bag for a dramatic effect and pearls added to the shoes for texture and pop. Looks so comfortable, Good for those family summer night BBQs since you have the long sleeves for when it cools downs.

This casual look is great. Running errands, watching sports events .I’m really feeling tie shorts this summer. So plain and simple

I have nothing to say about this look besides it’s so clean. Love it!

I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to show off that much stomach, but she looks amazing and I love these pants so I had to share. Wrap shoes are so cute but let me tell you impossible to walk in.. but hey just have to walk slow cause LOOK AT THOSE!!! I would probably pair it with a longer shirt or a body suit.

Okay guys this is the last one, I love this because it looks so light I would probably double this as a beach cover up or as a girls lunch outfit.

Comment down below what outfits you liked, and what modifications would you make.

Thank you all so much for reading, I’ll work on formatting that video to get the outdoor post up! As always questions, comments, concerns get at me 🙂


How to Know You’re too Comfortable in Your Relationship

Love this Post I couldn’t not reblog – so accurate

Strawberry Travels

It’s nice when you’re in a relationship and can finally think I am so comfortable around this other human being who puts up with me.

Until you realise all the gross things that make up the meaning of being comfortable in your relationship.

Now my boyfriend and I have come up with a list of all the things we’ve realised make us too comfortable around each other. So pleased enjoy, don’t judge us and relate if you’ve ever gotten to this stage.


  1. couple-farting-featuredThe obvious one:
    Burping and farting in front of each other.
    Unfortunately this becomes so comfortable you parf and burp away like they’re not even there.
  2. Peeing in front of them…
    probably whilst they’re brushing their teeth or doing their morning/night time routine.
  3. You pick their spots and their eye gunk.
    Just like chimpanzee’s when they groom…

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Easy Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

Hey guys! Happy Thursday, hope everyone’s getting through the week ok as we near the weekend.

I made this coffee cake today from a recipe found on Pinterest, https://pinterest.com/jessicasreimer. It’s a super easy delicious coffee cake. It’s easy enough that I could make it without a struggle.

I have created a link http://cakescottage.com/2017/04/12/easy-cinnamon-roll-coffee-cake/#more-218235 so the rightful owner of this recipe gets the credit deserved

I just wanted to add that I made about half the icing and added extra cinnamon to the “topping “. The recipe is super moist and in my opinion tastes better cooled and not piping hot. I cooked it for 35mins and adding the icing after about after 10 minutes of cooling. Which now thinking about it, I should of waited a bit longer but oh well, still got that sugary icing goodness.

Here’s a picture of my creation

I would make this again for a potluck brunch or even for having the girls over for coffee in the evening. Yum!

Hope you guys enjoyed this recipe. Go comment on “cakes cottage” recipe that I sent you, and comment down below your photos, and thoughts on the cake.

Thank you all so much for taking the time too read this. And as always comments, questions, concerns get at me!


22 Things I’ve Learned in 22 Years

“Hey! I don’t know about  you but I’m feeling 22”.. Haha, for all my T swift fans…

Hey there, how are you? Hope you’re doing well.

Turning over another page of the calendar is a bitter sweet feeling, as we say goodbye to April and look ahead on a fresh month.. Just me or does it feel like time has been flying by? I was always told the older you get the faster life goes bye, and this is the first time I’ve realized that is true.   April was my birthday month ( yes, I’m an Aries) I decided it would be appropriate to write 22 things I’ve learned at 22.

  1. Drink Lots of water… this may sound like something that is common knowledge but up until this past year I hardly ever drank any water.. but now I’ve made it my new goal to drink at least 8 cups a day! Its amazing what it will do for you skin, and body.
  2. Make a Budget AND follow it. This is easier said than done. Especially if you’re like me and this whole adulating thing is new too you.. this being said. One thing I have learned about budgeting is always allow room for unseen expenses and “fun” fund.
  3. Talk less and Listen more… its amazing what you can learn from other people
  4. Be Patient… this something I’ve always struggled with, be patient in a restaurant while you wait for your food, be patient with other people, be patient and wait for life to unfold before you. Instant gratification isn’t always key.. just slow down, what are you rushing forrrrr
  5. When you think you’ve blended your makeup enough.. KEEP BLENDING.. my beauty kings and queens out there know what I’m talking out!!
  6. Exfoliating will change your skin dramatically. I will be talking on this further in a post coming up soon, including my own exfoliating mixture, how often you should exfoliate, etc. stay tuned
  7. Exercise everyday.. Not only is this good for your physical health, it has really help my mental health as well. Its also good to add discipline in your life to create and extra aspect of structure. My exercise of choice is yoga and daily programs
  8. Its okay to be selfish. No I’m not telling you to become a brat, but I do think that you need to put yourself first to a certain degree, but I will be touching on that more in a later post
  9. Take photos of your item tags in the Ikea show room. This may sound silly, but if you’ve ever been to Ikea, this little hack will make it easier for you to locate the items in the warehouse.. it will cut down time if you can get an employee to help you and you already know the isle number and bin number. Trust me they appreciate this too.
  10. Tooth paste helps with acne.. THIS is one of my biggest beauty secrets and tips to having clear skin, honestly.. just take a pea sized amount of toothpaste and apply it directly to your blemish, beware if its too close to your eyes it will burn. Lol
  11. A Clean car will keep you in a better mood.. every time we deep clean our car we have a new appreciation for it.
  12. SELF LOVE IS IMPORTANT.. enough said
  13. The Power of the Law of Atraction.. if anyone is interested I will do a whole post on this topic, But start off by reading the “secret” by Rhonda Byrne
  14. Family is Forever– I have been blessed with a family who can go through hell together but still love each other despite our differences. As I get older I am learning to appreciate those differences more and more
  15. Read.. Reading is good for you because it keeps your mind working, helps you gain knowledge, its said to be that people who read are smarter, and is super relaxing.
  16. McDonald’s is not a food group..  I use to eat a lot of McDonald’s when I was in high school and now that I’m getting older I realize how truly bad it is for you and your body has to work harder to digest it. Still delicious but also scary to know that you could be eating literally anything in those deep fried nuggets of goodness.
  17. Quality over Quantity when it comes to friends.. having a tight nit group of friends that care about each other and have your best interests in mind is key. Having people who will call you out on your shit oppose to those who just watch you fail silently.
  18. There’s a difference between being confident and cocky..
  19. Always Carry a Lint Roller.. this may seem like a joke but I have a cat and I also wear a lot of black. When l arrive somewhere more times than I like to admit it looks like I brought my cat with me on my clothes. Not cute
  20. The Show FRIENDS will never get old. Don’t get me wrong I had to re- watch the first few episodes of the show a handful of times before I could get into it, but now I’ve re watched the series 3 times.
  21. Learn to forgive yourself..
  22. Who cares what other people think.. This is something that took me a long time to come to terms with. I am a people pleaser which like many of you know is a blessing and a curse.. but by always trying to keep everyone else happy I neglected my own feelings, wants, and desires which lead me to become a very unhappy person. At the end of the day you’re The one who has to live with yourself so WHO CARES.

So there you have it, 22 things I’ve learned in 22 years. If there are any topics you want me to elaborate on, or do a whole post on let me know! Please be sure to share something you’ve learned through out your life in the comment below, I would love to hear our stories and advice 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading, And as always Comments Questions Concerns Please get at me!